Luc Tremblay



1994-2002  Ph.D. in High Energy Physics
  McGill University
Montréal (Québec)
1992-1994 Master Degree in High Energy Physics
McGill University          and
Montréal (Québec)
Physics Institute
Neuchâtel University
1989-1992  Bachelor Degree in Physics
  Laval University
Québec (Québec)
1987-1989 College Degree in Cciences
  Sorel-Tracy CEGEP
Rimouski CEGEP


Work Experience

1997 - Physics, Math, Astophysics and Science History Teacher
  Collège Mérici
Quebec City, Qc

Courses :

Mécanique 203-NYA-05
Mechanics 203-NYA-05
Électricité et magnétisme 203-NYB-05
Ondes et physique moderne 203-NYC-05
Astrophysique 203-320-ME
Calcul différentiel 201-NYA-05
Calcul différentiel et intégral 3 201-LEA-05
Mathématiques mise à niveau 201-001-03
Méthodes quantitatives en sciences humaines   360-300-91
Science: Histoire et méthodologie 360-125-94
À la découverte de l’univers 105-LEF-03
Propriétés des matériaux (technique d’orthèses et de prothèses orthopédiques) 144-220-ME
Intégration des acquis en sciences de la nature (360-490-ME)

  Head of Science (2004-2013) and (2015-)

Other Activities

Science club (MAPHYA)
Physics and cath contest canager
"Science on tourne" contest manager »
Lab technician
"Génies en Herbe" team manager (2 ans)
Impro team assistant coach (1 year)
Chess club manager (2 years)
Accompany humanities students in Greece (2003).

2017 Ministry of Higher Education

Membre of the group who wrote the physics competencies for the new sciences program

2009 et 2011 Expert for the Commission de l’Évaluation de l’Enseignement Collégial

Membre of the commission to evaluate the IPESA for the CDI college (2009) and Marianopolis College (2011)

1994 - 1997 Physics, Math and Asronomy Teacher
  Centre d'études collégiales en Charlevoix
La Malbaie - Pointe-au-Pic (Quebec)

Courses :

Mécanique 203-101-77
Électricité et Magnétisme 203-201-77
Optique et physique moderne 203-301-78
Explorer l'univers 105-DJE-01
Calcul différentiel et intégral 1 201-103-77
Calcul différentiel et intégral 3 201-303-77
Algèbre Vectoriel et Linéaire 201-105-77

1992-1994 Teaching Assistant
  McGill University, Physics Department
Montreal (Quebec)
Été 1991 Academic Research Internship
  (NSERC Student Undergraduate Research Award)
Laval University
Ste-Foy (Quebec)
Summer 88, 89, 90 and 92  Guide
  Musée de la Mer
Pointe-au-Père (Quebec)
Summer 1985 and 1987   Sailor
  Scientific Research Vessel M/V Rigolet


Awards and Scholarship

2022 Appointed as a member of the Order of Excellence in Education of Quebec. The Order of Excellence in Education of Quebec embodies the will of the Government of Quebec to officially recognize the merit of those who distinguish themselves by their participation in the enhancement of education in the province of Quebec
2022 Teacher selected as part of the teacher recognition program of the Sport-études alliance
2019 Raymond-Gervais Award in the category college-university from the Association for the Teaching of Science and Technology in Quebec (AESTQ).The Raymond-Gervais Award honours a teacher for his outstanding contribution to science education in Quebec
2017 Award for Excellence in Physics Teaching High School/Cegep (Quebec and Nunavut) from the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP)
2014 Higher Education, Research and Science Minister Award for my Course Note in Mechanics
2011 Honorable mention from the association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale (AQPC)
1994-1996 Postgraduate scholarship (Ph.D.) from the National Sciences and Engeneering Concil of Canada (NSERC)
1992-1994 Postgraduate scholarship (M.Sc.) from the National Sciences and Engeneering Concil of Canada (NSERC)
1992 Nominee for the NSERC 1967 scholarship
(Only 3 Nominees for Laval University)
1991 Lecturer at the canadian undergraduate physics conference at the university of Alberta in Edmonton. A lecture attended by professor Richard Taylor (Nobel prize in physics 1990)
1989-1992 Canada scholarship recipient
1989 3rd position in the province of Quebec in the canadian association of physicists physics contest
1989 3rd position in the province of Quebec in the association de mathématique du Québec math contest. Participant at the math camp (invitation only) at the university of Sherbrooke
1988 1st position in the province of Quebec in the canadian association of physicists physics contest
1987 Membre of the "Génies en Herbe" team who finish first among all Quebec's public high school at the provicial tournament in Ste-Marie-de-Beauce




Many trips throughout Europe and America (24 countries, 41 US states, nine provinces) including a backback trip to Europe in the summer of 1992 and several expeditions along the appalachain trail


Many travel including a trip by zodiac (rowing) on the St-Lawrence river between Contrecoeur and Quebec (summer 1984), a trip on a reasearch vessel between Rimouski and Ivujuvik (summer 1993) and a sailing trip between Miami and Rimouski (summer 2000)


Ball hockey goalkeeper (Since 1997)
Trophy for best goaltender (fall of 2000) and four-time most valuable player of the team in the College Merici league
Goalkeeper for the cup winning team in the ligue de hockey cossom interieur de Québec (LHCI) (2013 and 2014)


Mostly books on history, especially military history and history of science.


Member of the cup winning team in the improvisation league of Charlevoix (1995-96), team captain and winner of the improvisation league trophy at Bernard-Gariépy high school (1985-1987)

Chess Member of the chess club de Montcalm (1999-2000) and participated in several tournaments. Rating of 1457

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